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  • CANDLE MAGIC The Lazy Witch Way!

    I have come to the conclusion that most of us are lazy witches. Yes we are. We want everything to be quick and easy. We don't want to spend a lot o...
  • Coping Tips for Empaths

    Being an empath can be physically and emotionally draining. Many people are unaware that they’re an empath and do not know how to cope with this ab...
  • Musings of an Eclectic Witch

    I've always had a love of world history, both political and religious. The two are almost always inextricably tied together... Look for a minute at the English monarchy and it's problems between the catholic and protestant lines of the throne. Does the name Bloody Mary Tudor ring a bell, anyone?
  • Do I Really Need to Cast a Circle??

    This Guest Post is by Brian Chamniss Well, this topic has been covered by others in the past, so I will not delve too deeply into the how, but wi...